What is a Socialite?

Everyone that has joined us on our platform and social journey by creating an account is a Socialite.
This means you are now a Socialite if you have created an account! :)

What is a social circle?

Social Circles are a way of private messaging other Socialites.
A "Social Circle" can be created by you or a fellow "Socialite".
A "Social Circle" can be private or hidden. If it's private, all "Socialites" can request to join.
If it's hidden, only "Socialites" who are invited can join.
If you are creating or have created a "Social Circle" you can invite other socialites to join if you have saved their profile.

What is an "Invite" and examples of how I would use them

Posting Invites is a way of inviting other Socialites to be social with you! Invites can include anything as long as they are posted within the remit of our Terms and Conditions and Terms of Use Policies.These can be found by visiting: https://isocialcircle.com/legal-stuff/
Examples of acceptable invites are:
"I am looking for a travel buddy this summer..."
"I am looking for a gym buddy to keep me motivated..."
"I am looking for other parents to socialise with..."
"My friends and I are going to this festival and are looking for more people to join us...."
Please read our policies carefully if you are unsure about posting an "Invite" or contact us: info@isocialcircle.com with any questions.

Can I end or delete an "Invite"?

Once you have posted an "Invite", it can be deleted by visiting the "My Invites" section that is found within your "Edit Profile" section.
An invite will end once the date of the invite has passed, or if you delete it.

How to edit my profile?

In the top right corner of the page, you will see a yellow circle with an arrow pointing down. Click this icon and then edit profile.

How to upload/change profile picture?

This can be found in the edit profile section.

How to delete my profile?

You can delete your profile by clicking on "Settings" in the edit profile section.

How to block or report another Socialite?

First, you have to view a Socialites profile; this can be done by searching for them using the search box, "Advanced Socialite Search" or by viewing an "Invite" they have posted and clicking the "View Profile" tab.
When you are viewing their profile, you will see "Block / Report Socialite.