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We hope to help people live life to the full without feeling restricted by their current social circles. We want to empower people to decide where they want to go, when they want to go and who to go with. We want to provide a solution when you feel bored or lonely, or for when your friends cancel on you last minute. We provide an alternative option to consider before cancelling your tickets for an event by giving our Socialites the option to go with you to the event.
Despite being the most connected world, we are the most unsociable population with mental illnesses being at an all-time high. We pride ourself on being an ethical, social network. We care about the mental wellbeing of our Socialites.
Please see our Social Responsibility policy here: https://isocialcircle.com › social-responsibility-policy
This is a real social network to meet people in a social setting where you feel comfortable, and doing the things you love to do.

Our members are called Socialites! :)

Advanced Socialite Search

This is the section, you can search for fellow Socialites, view their profiles, message them, save them to your profile and see what Social invites you could join them on.

Search Invites

This is where you can search for Social invites to see whats going, where you can meet them as well as post your own invites for other socialites to join you on.

Socialite Profile

Here you can easily edit/change your profile information as well as access a range of other options including viewing saved socialites, your recent activity, invites you have sent and much more..

Social Circles (Found in your Socialite Profile)

You can invite fellow socialites into a social circle where you can discuss invites, meeting up and get to know each other. You can have as many Social Circles as you want.

Inspiration From Us / Recommended

In this section, you will find helpful articles from our team and associates here at iSocialCircle.com (Inspiration From Us) as well as links from other online sources/blogs that we know will be helpful for you.

Affiliates / Special Offers

In this section, you will be able to buy tickets and services from our affiliated companies and view Special offers if you are a Social Pro Socialite.


This part of the site is where you can find all useful and helpful information as well as all the legal stuff for our community including “Support When You Need It”, which is a growing resource to help anybody that is suffering or caring for someone with a mental illness.

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