Meeting people in your 30’s

May 20th, 2019

Meeting people is hard! It’s so much harder waving the single flag when you’re in your 30’s. Most of your friends are in long term relationships, getting married, having babies, so your social life starts going down the pan.

Of course you can try dating sites to try find someone special too, but what if you don’t want to look for love? What if you just want to make friends, live live to the full, see everything the works has to offer?!

…Does this sound familiar?

Don’t know about you, but I want to travel the world! I want to have friends all around the world and see animals in their natural habitats. I want to taste local dishes to every country and hear about the culture in each place I visit. And when I’m not travelling I want to make the most of my weekends after working the 9-5.

After years of numerous pointless relationships and waiting for Mr right to suddenly appear, I decided to start traveling on my own and really start experiencing this thing call life! The past few years have genuinely been the best few years of my life travelling across Europe, North and South America, Australia, Asia, South Africa and most recently the Artic Circle!

Everywhere I go people ask “Are you on your own?”, to which I reply “Yes! I love to travel alone!”. Deep down I know the truth is that I love the freedom and flexibility solo travel brings but I do get lonely sometimes, especially on the evenings when I’m sitting in a restaurant or bar on my own. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a very confident independent woman, I will literally talk to anyone that will listen to me, but it would be nice to sometimes to be able to meet up with like minded people on my travels now and again to break up the trip.

Since a child I always loved animals, so it was a dream to do a safari in Africa, so after probably the hardest break up I’ve ever had I decided to book a volunteering trip to South Africa to work on a Game Reserve rescuing wild and almost extinct animals. I hoped I would meet people easier this way than booking a trip on my own. It was incredible seeing the lions and elephants in particular in their natural habitat whilst being protected from hunters. This was the first time I experienced staying in a hostel type environment, sleeping in bunk beds with complete strangers. The girls I met there were so lovely and we all still talk now, but I must admit as the only 30 year old at the time and most of the people at the reserve being on average 18-22 I did feel a little old and out of place sometimes!

A year later I decided to for-fill my ambition to scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef, despite not being a confidant swimmer! So I joined a scuba school in my home town in the UK, in hope I could overcome my fear of water and maybe make some friends whilst doing it. I met some really motivating people at the scuba school which gave me a lot of confidence in booking my trip to Queensland Australia.

I decided to have a cheeky stop over in Phuket on my way to Australia, which I highly recommend if you love Thai food and to haggle in the shops like me!

At Phuket airport travelling to Australia I met a lovely British girl who was flying from Phuket to Australia to work out there. She approached me to use my phone charger as hers had died. We got chatting and she told me how she frequently used dating sites to meet people but often the guys would be expecting more than friendship and she had no interest in getting tied down so young. I won’t blame her! I wish didn’t spend most of my 20’s tied down in pointless relationships! It did concern me though about her safety if she’s meeting guys on her own and she’s the other side of the world, especially if she doesn’t have a reliable charger pack for her phone!

I got back home from my travels and came up with the idea of a social networking website you could use to make friends, JUST FRIENDS, to meet up with whether it be on your solo travels or even at home when you’re stuck at home on a Saturday night and your friends are all with their partners. As the site has evolved I’ve added features that means couples, families, groups can can post and attend invites too so any adult can use it. I hope it helps you live life to the full, you’ll often see me post invites on there too, so feel free to join me on my adventures if you wish!

Gemma 🙂
Founder of <a href=””>iSocialCircle</a>

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