Safety Tips

>> Meet in a public place
>> Never hand over cash or card or bank details
>> Tell your friends and family where you are going
>> Check yourself in at the destination on other social networking websites
>> Do a google image search to check the profile picture matches the person
>> Check out their other social networking sites
>> Never send copies of your ID to other socialites 
>> Do Skype / video call beforehand
>> If your worried, why not add a friend or family member to the social circle conversation and bring them along
>> Always report abusive or threatening behaviour or cyber bullying both to iSocialCircle and to the police
>> Do not respond to messages asking you to email a Socialite directly outside of iSocialCircle.com. Please use the Block/Report function to make us aware of anyone attempting to spam our Socialites

Meeting Up With Socialites Disclaimer 

Isocialcircle Ltd accept no responsibility for any personal or public damage to anyone meeting through isocialcircle.com. You accept it is your responsibility if you meet someone in person and such actions that follow. We can not be held responsible for your actions or actions of other socialites or the venue or event you attend